Suzanne Simoni - artist

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Suzanne Simoni

Suzanne Simoni has travelled overseas and lived in Denmark, China and Kenya. After graduating with a B.Sc. in biology, she worked in Denmark where she was influenced by the creativity of the environment.

Upon her return to Canada she worked in floral design and began writing stories. She won a Hart House Award for a short story and published a book on women filmmakers, Fantastic Female Filmmakers

Simoni studied at OCAD and the Toronto School of Art. On a posting in Kenya she was influenced by the light, the colour and the people. She was invited to participate in a show at the Rahimtulla Museum of Modern Art, RaMoMA, in Nairobi. More recently, she participated in a group show at the Cobalt Gallery in Toronto (March 2013).

Bicycling and hiking brings her to all kinds of places in the city, and most recently to giving historical tours. Hiking in the wild has allowed her to encounter wildlife such as moose, pileated woodpeckers, mink and hummingbirds. 

By writing stories, by showing her art, Simoni endeavours to create worlds in print and paint. She lives with her husband in Toronto.