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Thefigures of Dreaming Big are in conversation with each otherand the larger world. Referencing the process of brewing, the sculpture isfabricated using copper pipe, copper tube, bottle caps and beer cans. DreamingBig is a gathering of interdependent figures in a globalconfiguration. For OCADU graduates Suzanne Simoni andMaryam Zaraimajin, this project builds on public art installations exploringthe notion of interdependence and resilience in a fragile world.

Toronto Star Newspaper

All set up with no place to show: COVID-19 robbed these art students of a chance to show their work

By Sue Carter
Special to the Star
Mon., May 11, 2020

Suzanne Simoni, OCAD University

Simoni, a mature student who returned to OCAD for its master’s sculpture program, received a double blow this spring when the unveiling of her public-art piece at Scarborough’s Parkway Mall was delayed until later this summer.

“ThreeSidesOneGesture,” a sunny-yellow galvanized steel tube archway, pays homage to the area’s history as a location for raising race horses.

At Gallery 1313, Simoni planned to install five-foot-high steel pipes tethered with aircraft cables to rocks from the Canadian Shield, forming an unbalanced ecosystem. For now, Simoni — at home making sculptural maquettes out of wire, clay and foam — is playing with the idea of COVID-19. “I’m interested in things that are extensive over time and space, like megacities and black holes,” she says. “How do we relate to objects so big that we can’t really conceive of them?”

Simoni’s website:

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Summer 2020     Public art sculpture,ThreeSidesOneGesture, to open at Parkway Mall

April 2020             GradEx at OCADU cancelled

April 2020             Opening of "Locating Impermanence" April 2nd, at Gallery 1313 cancelled 

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Yahoo News

What you missed at Toronto's Nuit Blanche 2018

October 1, 2018

Yahoo News covered our installation, Inversion, located at DrakeOneFifty, 150 York St., Toronto, on the night of Nuit Blanche, 2018.

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