Four Elements

Parting Lines II exhibition

Continuing Education Gallery


Statement of Work

As an exploration of materials, moldmaking enriches the possibility of making visible the vitality of human and nonhuman objects.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the relationship between human and nonhuman is that objects are actually unknowable. In our anthropocentric world, we experience objects as extensions of our bodies, or as barriers due to their recalcitrant qualities. The juxtaposition of objects alters their agency, creates a new object and reveals something more of the possibility of things. This is a way of exploring how we negotiate our surroundings in an increasingly complex world.

The four elements of earth, air, fire and water were captured in similar sized plastic, and cast in plaster. Each took on a different shape according to their properties.

My practice challenges perceptions of self and our surroundings and what it means to be human together in a changing environment. Using materials such as bronze, plastic and metal as well as found objects, I explore the vitality and agency of objects and how they relate to aspects of being human. Creating art is a way to make visible relationships to each other and our environment in the territory where meaning resides.

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