Residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island

Human kind, forest mind

Blue Rock Collective (Suzanne Simoni and Maryam Zaraimajin)

The Winter Island Residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point presented us with opportunities to engage with local social and ecological systems by creating a sculpture from the building blocks of community-generated nests. As Blue Rock Collective, we gathered willow, grapevine and other branches from locations on the island, and invited the community to weave nests with the organic materials. Each participant created a unique nest, weaving a time of seclusion during the pandemic and manifesting the notion of a unique home. Our residency provided the time and space to build a larger sculpture using the community nests, destabilizing the idealization of biological nests by incorporating found plastics from the local beach. The completed community nest is an intimate haptic space, a reflection of our planetary home, our ecosystem.

 We honoured the contribution of trees by responding with  artistic gestures including sketches, sculpture and an interactive installation, which will be included in an upcoming exhibit at Artscape Gibraltar Point.

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