The Mirage Map is a project that invites residents to imagine CityPlace as an oasis in the city with spaces to meet, people-watch, and play.

Selected for The Bentway Community Incubation Program at The Bentway Studio, Simoni and Zaraimajin worked with members of the community to harness ideas of possibilities for spaces by reimagining the landscape of their surroundings. Specifically, we conducted workshops, walking tours of CityPlace and created an online portal to give residents a way to engender ideas about public space. Using pencils and markers, participants at the workshops superimposed their ideas on existing photographs of CityPlace landscapes. The images were geolocated on a map on the Bentway website, available for city dwellers to access as a means of creating dialogue on shared public spaces. 

Zaraimajin and Simoni (as Blue Rock Collective) conducted walking tours for residents to photograph and enhance locations in CityPlace by printing and drawing on their printed image. The vision of possibility was added to the Mirage Map online. Through  photography, creativity and mapping we  created a collaborative Mirage Map of the community’s potential, inviting residents to dream their own mirage and connect with their community. Mirage Map situates the idea of mirage, a shimmering mirror of distant objects, related to the idea of hope. 

See below for selected images created by the community



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