Galvanized 4" steel tube, paint, 16.5 x 6 x 13 feet

Parkway Mall, Scarborough

Inspired by the historic curved roof of Parkway Mall and the racehorses of Maryvale Farm, ThreeSidesOneGesture curves into an arch through which pedestrians can enter and engage with the history and identity of the neighbourhood.

During an 8-month period, renderings were meticulously drawn as blueprints for a complex fabrication by Lafontaine Iron Werks. Four-inch galvanized steel tube was precisely bent and welded into a continuous line, a sketch in the sky. 

In a gesture of interconnection, ThreeSidesOneGesture manifests three elements that coexist - the human, the ecosystem and the built environment, even though all three are never simultaneously visible. By walking around the sculpture, individuals experience the changing juxtapositions of the horse, arch, and humanity which superimpose in shifting configurations. 

Location: Parkway Mall, Ellesmere and Victoria Park, Toronto

Commissioned by: First Capital Realty 
Fabrication: Lafontaine Iron Werks Inc 

Project Manager: Zebra Public Art MGMT

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