We are always inside an object 


This project is an experiential installation comprised of five-foot steel ducts brought into balance under tension of aircraft cables, and anchored by dense stones from the bedrock of the Canadian Shield. 

As a microcosm of built and biological communities, this installation is a paradoxical web of strength, interconnection and fragility that challenges the natureculture divide. Intrinsic to this approach is a  recognition of our place within ecosystems as interconnected in every action we perform.

This concept is manifested in the reflective quality of metal ducts that trace the movement of visitors who bodily engage as they circumvent the installation. Just as the biological community maintains a steady state of homeostasis in the biosphere, the centre of balance of metal ducts is maintained by the tensile quality of aircraft cable, and the mass of gneiss rocks. Navigating the installation is to experience the vitality and agency of built, biotic and abiotic elements.

Shifting from the duality of subject and object to a web of materialities engaged in a network of relations, this installation creates an experience that is familiar yet foreign – expressing the complexity, fragility and wonder of the world.

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